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Anyone who knows Jeff knows that he's been into reggae for years. He's been spinning tunes on KDHX 88.1 FM as "Professor Skank" since 1992, and can be heard every other Saturday night from 9-11 p.m. (In 2023 the station self-destructed from mis-management, and Jeff sadly gave up his show after a 32 year run).  

In 2003 he started his own record label, Skank Records, and has released 10 outstanding discs. His first was the re-issue of the classic "Freedom's Journal" by Ossie Dellimore. His sophomore effort was the excellent compilation entitled "Crucial Reggae From Outside Jamaica"and his 3rd disc was "Crucial Reggae From Outside Jamaica Vol. 2." Also on Skank Records is "Third Ear" by Maimon and the Mongoose Band, and Volume 3 in the "Crucial Reggae From Outside Jamaica" series. His 6th disc was "Classic Rasta From Jamaica And Beyond, Vol. 1" and he's also released "Strictly Roots" by Zion and "Reggae Music" by Ossie Dellimore. Also "Crying For Freedom" by Zion and his latest, "Crucial Reggae From Outside Jamaica Vol. 4.”

They're available online from his site (link it below) or if you’d like, call or text him at 314.882.2934.

He also gives proceeds of all sales to Doctors Without Borders.

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Skank Productions




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